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03-Jun-2017 11:35

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But fate turns out to be a bitch, leaving him heartbroken, a little older, a little more cynical.Jake manages to move past disappointment and finds peace.Managing to barely escape with his life, Jake realizes that the animal that attacked him wasn't an animal at all. Having been bitten, he's beginning to change into something not quite human.He needs to hide from the people that now want him dead for reasons he doesn't really understand.And can he pretend not to understand that Van isn't merely his friend or the person he loves but his mate? He doesn't regret how they got where they are, or the work it takes to stay, but some days when he misses Jake so much he doesn't know what to do with it, he wishes.

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This was written for the What Did You Do prompt meme community on LJ for the prompt "I think you owe me an explanation" prompted by Jim Jake was just cast in a role for this year's run of A Christmas Story, and he's getting on well with his co-stars.Honestly, when I read the script the sexuality of the character is secondary. After reading page two of the script, I said, “I have to be on the show. I think within five years or less, Kit is going to be showrunning some sort of series on some amazing network is brilliant and fascinating.

In 2013, he became the youngest member of KBS's variety show 2 Days & 1 Night Season 3.… continue reading »

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The website provides various dating services for an international audience.… continue reading »

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Regardless of what type of advice you need in terms of your career, here are the nine most popular career-advice podcasts on the web: 1.… continue reading »

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Online dating sites has the ability to narrow down your searches to fit your lifestyle criteria such as age, income, sex to religious believes.… continue reading »

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